Peachtree NORML POTluck Picnic


In lieu of our July monthly meeting, Peachtree NORML invites our cannafamily to join us for a POTluck family picnic! We are providing hot dogs, buns, condiments, plastic ware and cups. There is a Signup Genius to sign up to bring sides or other needed items. We will also have some fun outdoor activities for kids and kids at heart, and feel free to bring your own! We hope to see you there!

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About Author

Kimberly Smith came to Peachtree NORML from Tennessee NORML in 2013. She has worked as a cannabis activist for several years, and is also a patient who uses cannabis to treat her migraines, chronic pain, and asthma. As a victim of domestic violence involving alcohol as a child and an adult, she also fights for a safer option to alcohol for responsible adults.