46th Annual Atlanta Pride Festival

Find Us in Piedmont Park, Saturday & Sunday 10 - 7

Peachtree NORML, along with volunteers from our various state-wide affiliates, will be present at this year's Atlanta Pride Festival. We will have printed handouts, tee-shirts and other swag at our booth in Section B, Booth 12 (that's B-12, like the vitamin!).

This is always a great event to meet people from all parts of Georgia to engage in the spread of the truth about cannabis, industrial and medicinal and all of it's 50,000+ uses. Of course, there will be a wide variety of food, a Beer Garden and hundreds of other exhibitors to see and lots of free trinkets.

This year's theme is "Nobody Belongs in Jail for a Plant" and our float,  should send a great message to all who see it.


thanks DCMJ.org!

The parade is on Sunday, starting at 12:00 at Ralph McGill and Peachtree St., and continues north on Peachtree to 10th st, and ends up in Piedmont Park.

Click these links for more information:

Parade Route

2016 Pride Guide

Festival Map

Entertainment Schedule

Parking Information


About Author

Ted Metz is a working activist and is involved as a member, founder or Board Member of many activist organizations. In 2015, he organized a coalition of watchdog groups that successfully killed a bill to legalize No Knock Search Warrants in Georgia. His activism includes taking simple possession of cannabis off of Georgia’s felony list, as well as expanding medical cannabis laws and to allow cultivation. Ted has been involved in politics as a Precinct and District Chair and as a Campaign manager or Staff member for several candidates. Ted is a skilled web developer, graphics designer, writer, videographer, U.S. Veteran and patriot. He is also a Chartered Senior Financial Planner and holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Georgia State University.