I need to be closer to my family

I am a medical marijuana patient in the state of California. I suffer from lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme’s disease and Sjogren’s syndrome. I use cannabis to help deal with my symptoms. I was a resident of Georgia for 10 years. I lived in Smyrna and Douglasville. My entire immediate family lives in Georgia, Atlanta metro. I had to leave Georgia in order to receive safe access to medical marijuana. Using medical marijuana has greatly improved my quality of life. I was prescribed 8 medications per day to help control the symptoms I suffer from. I have eliminate 5 of those medications with medical marijuana. It is my wish that Georgia implement a medical marijuana program so that I can move home and be closer to my family. It has been extremely difficult being sick and living across the country away from my family. However it is what I must do to live and have a higher quality of life. Because of the complications with lupus, I am unable to have children. My sister lives in East Point and she is pregnant with her second child. My brother lives in Alpharetta and he has a 4 year old daughter. I am missing my nieces and nephews growing up because of prohibition. I have tried a CBD only regiment, however CBDs are not enough to help treat all of my symptoms. THC helps with the nausea and anxiety I deal with caused by lupus. I urge Georgia to look at whole plant legislation as the whole plant is needed to help me deal with my symptoms. Georgia legislators, please consider people like me that are victims of prohibition. I am a real patient that has had to flee Georgia in order to receive the medicine I need. I need to be closer to my family. Please get a real medical marijuana law enacted in Georgia so that I can be with my family.