I got caught like so many others

In recent years I have discovered the medical side effects (benefits) of marijuana. My sophomore year I started eating edibles, and smoking just to try it out. I heard it was something that would help my pre-existing medically diagnosed anxiety disorder. I don’t like to call it a disorder, but such is life. After combining the use of legally prescribed anti-anxiety medication and smoking around 2-3 times per week, my panic attacks shortened from at least 2X per week, to 1X per month! Any time I had anxiety, I’d take 2-4 puffs out of a bowl (I could easily still function and do schoolwork, but with a relaxed mind). Recently I was busted for less than a gram of pot and given a first time offense citation for which I will attend court, receive probation, community service, and be fined around $500. Though I believe that punishment is harsh, the real injustice is that since I have had to get clean for court, my anxiety attacks have increased to 3-4 times per month. This is why I’m an advocate for legalization of marijuana, not only for the medical benefits, but it is actually less harmful for your body than alcohol or cigarettes.