Peachtree NORML Call to Action: Jury Rights Day

The Fully Informed Jury Association’s (FIJA) Jury Rights Day is Monday, September 5th, 2016! This also falls on Labor Day.  FIJA has asked that we celebrate anytime we can around the holiday.

Peachtree NORML, in conjunction with FIJA Georgia, Spartacus Legal, and The Human Solution International, encourage you to educate yourself and others about one’s rights when serving on a jury for the month of September


Here is how you can ACT!

  1. Learn about Jury Nullification

  1. Learn about the court system by sitting in on a trial
  2. Tell someone else about jury nullification
  3. Attend a meeting

We have meetings around the state where you can learn about Jury Nullification and pick up materials to help educate yourself and others!

Click on the locations below for meeting information:

Peachtree NORML: Atlanta

Peachtree NORML Mid-Georgia: Macon

Peachtree NORML Northwest Georgia: Woodstock

About Author

Kimberly Smith came to Peachtree NORML from Tennessee NORML in 2013. She has worked as a cannabis activist for several years, and is also a patient who uses cannabis to treat her migraines, chronic pain, and asthma. As a victim of domestic violence involving alcohol as a child and an adult, she also fights for a safer option to alcohol for responsible adults.