Peachtree NORML Booth at Atlanta Pride 2016

Peachtree NORML will be back with a booth at Atlanta Pride 2016 in Piedmont Park at booth Blue 12!

We will be finalizing things at our Atlanta Meeting on Tuesday, October 4th at 7pm in the Eagles Nest at Manuel’s Tavern.


We will need booth volunteers! Please sign up here:


Here is our Facebook event for Pride:


We will not be selling Pride T-shirts at the meeting or our booth. Get your limited edition T-Shirts here:




About Author

Kimberly Smith came to Peachtree NORML from Tennessee NORML in 2013. She has worked as a cannabis activist for several years, and is also a patient who uses cannabis to treat her migraines, chronic pain, and asthma. As a victim of domestic violence involving alcohol as a child and an adult, she also fights for a safer option to alcohol for responsible adults.