Tom McCain - Executive Director Peachtree NORML
Tom McCain is a retired Georgia Peace Officer who served as a Deputy Sheriff in both Laurens and Johnson counties. He retired as the Chief Deputy of Johnson County and holds a specialized Senior Deputy Certification. He is a member of The Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association (CSPOA) and of Law Enforcement Action Partnership (LEAP). He is also an Air Force Veteran, retiring as a Master Sergeant after 20 years of service.

After his retirement from law enforcement, Tom was reintroduced to cannabis as a way to deal with chronic back pain. He began doing research about cannabis and used himself as a test patient. He is illegally healed and has been able to stop the usage of numerous pharmaceuticals prescribed by the Veterans Administration.

Once Tom discovered that the Prohibition of Cannabis was based on racial bias and corporate greed, he got active in the movement to reform Georgia's Draconian marijuana laws. He says, "I have made it my mission to end cannabis prohibition in Georgia."

Tom is a founding member of Spartacus Legal Foundation and served as both its Chief Investigator and interim Executive Director. He has been a guest on Generation Why and on I Take Liberty With My Coffee.

Tom's family is large and melded. He is married to Barbara McCain, his friend, and partner of almost 30 years. Between them, they have five children, 15 grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren. Tom and Barb were also foster parents, and many of those kids from that era still call them Mom and "Pops".

On April 17th, 2017 Tom was unanimously elected as the Executive Director of Peachtree NORML. He fills the vacancy left when Sharon Ravert, Peachtree NORML's founder, resigned the position.

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Dean Sines - Deputy Director
Dene Sines Peachtree NORMLA long time activist for gay rights, and in 1997 after a diagnosis of cancer and becoming a medical marijuana user, he saw a need for safe access for patients. So began his road as cannabis activist fighting for a persons right to choose how they medicate. Dean currently sits on the board of directors for Peachtree NORML, and is a lobbyist for Marijuana Reform in Georgia. He can be seen around town at rallies and events in his cannabis gear educating people wherever he goes on the wonders of the cannabis plant.

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Kimberly Smith - Secretary

kim - CopyKimberly Smith came to Peachtree NORML from Tennessee NORML in 2013. She has worked as a cannabis activist for several years, and is also a patient who uses cannabis to treat her migraines and chronic pain. As a victim of domestic violence involving alcohol as a child and an adult, she fights for a safer option to alcohol for responsible adults.

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Kelley Hammock - Outreach Coordinator

kelley-hammockKelley is a lifelong resident of the state of Georgia and a veteran of the United States Army.

With 22 years in corporate transportation, Kelley became an advocate for cannabis reform after realizing that it could help his mother who suffered from Alzheimer's. In addition to his work with Peachtree NORML, Kelley is also a photographer and member of the International Freelance Photographers Organization and the American Image Press.
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Brittany Leeds- Treasurer

brittany - CopyBrittany, a Georgia native, is a victim of our failed drug war policies. At age 19 she was awakened by a drug task force with guns pointing at her as she was pulled out of bed at 4:00 a.m. Overnight she became an activist while she continued her education, graduating from the College of Environment + Design at the University of Georgia with a degree in Landscape Architecture. For ten years she has been traveling the country educating, interviewing and documenting the war on drugs. Working with Peachtree NORML she has played an integral part in planning conferences, vigils, protests and events across the nation.
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Rick Raines- Director of Veterans Affairs

Rick RainesRick Raines is a RPTA and practices physical therapy in West Central Georgia. He first joined NORML in 1976 after graduating from high school. After high school, he joined the US Army as a Cavalry Scout and served overseas in Korea. After his service, he attended Physical Therapy School in Tennessee and graduated in 1987. Treating patients with pain, spasticity, and the depression chronic pain causes was frustrating, especially when he saw the long, expensive list of prescription medications they were prescribed. So he began researching Medical Cannabis about ten years ago. Attending the First Annual Cannabis Conference in Atlanta he met and found great hope and inspiration in Sharon Ravert, Dean Sines, and Kelley Hammock and any doubt or fear about where his new focus in life would be dissolved. Rick has been an active Member of Peachtree NORML since 2014 and serves as President/Treasurer of the Mid-Georgia Chapter in Macon. As a healthcare professional and Veteran, he is committed to sharing the truth and knowledge with the citizens of Georgia that cannabis is indeed medicine and is helping tens of millions of citizens across this nation with minimum side effects.
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Jay Manis - Communications Director

Jay Manis is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and moved to Georgia in 2000. He is an experienced educator with a passion for advocacy. Having witnessed too many lives ruined by the current “in-justice” system, Jay wants to work to reform the laws prohibiting medical marijuana in the State of Georgia. He is committed to helping educate citizens about the true benefits of medical marijuana to affect positive change in Georgian’s health, economy, and criminal justice system.

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  1. Barbara Humphrey

    My friend from Syracuse, NY, Mike Smithson, just sent me a link to this group. I now live in Savannah and would like to find other drug legalizers in this area and stay in touch with all of you. I just sent a friend request to Sharon and look forward to being in contact with her.

    1. Kim Smith

      Thank you!