I want to decide for myself at my age

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I suffer from several problems which have me on 14-15 medications. With the use of Cannabis I could get off most of them. However THC/CBD Terpenes all would be needed .The CBD oil with 5%Thc would be a start. But those of us that understand the plant & our bodies with the built in cannabanoid system know we need the whole plant.. So here goes. I have Fibromyalgia,Migraines,IBS,IS,Neuropathy in my legs & feet. Arthritis,Asthma,Costochondritis,Severe muscle spasms, Spasms in my eyes & redness where I have to use steroid drops.High blood pressure.. I have had at least 10 surgeries, removed my gallbladder,appendix,hysterectomy,5 hernias.. The point is I am in severe pain. Am on nothing for pain other than every drugs they give me but pain meds. I am suffering for almost 60 years now. I think it is time I should be able to be old enough to make the decision on what goes into my body for pain to control it & get rid of all the chemicals that are killing me. Thank you for reading! & please help!