I thought families mattered to our elected officials

I have lived in Georgia for the past 8 years. I suffer from chronic pain and have complex migraines at least 20 days a month and suffer from absence seizures . I take 22 different medications a day. I am unable to drive or leave my home. I have lost my independence and feel as if I am just a burden on my children and husband. In August of 2016 my husband flew me to Washington to stay with a friend so I could be on a marijuana regimen. I stayed for 5 months. I was able to go off all but 3 medications. I was able to enjoy life again. I was able to go to dinner, cook, clean, and even go to the mall and shop. I love my family very much and missed them so I came home and went back on all my medications. I am seriously considering living in Washington 6 months out of the year so I can have some quality of life. I never used marijuana before in my life, but when I was in Washington and went to a dispensary they helped me to find a vaporizer and oil cartridge that best suited my needs. I never felt high or out of control I just felt like my old self again. I just don’t understand why families have to be separated to receive health care. I hope my story helps to legalize marijuana in Georgia.