The penalties are too harsh

I was injured during training in the army I received a spinal injury to neck med and lower back causing muscle spasms also I could have a auto disease from a vaccine for anthrax. I’m 43 and feel 80, no pain med helps and most make me sick and breakout. A friend listened to me tell the story of a doctor who asked if I had tried smoking marijuana, since all pain meds had failed and treatment injection to my spine, I said no. Well one day I had a pain attack, what we call the ride. The ride is where no treatment works and I have to ride it out kicking and screaming begging someone for help. My friend said I’ll be back and 30mins later he stuck something to my mouth and said draw, mins later I jumped up like nothing had happened and went to the doctor and he to was amazed.  So many times I had suffered. My friend had never used or bought drugs in his life but risked being jailed to save me from pain. I had to stop using it because we moved from nc to ga and laws and fines are stiff but that wasn’t the worst part of it, I could lose all medical care. This bill needs to be passed for the kids the poor uninsured and the vets. For most my grandfather a pow Korean vet eat up with cancer and a cousin’s daughter who has seizures back to back not even 10 years old,  my mom with Parkinson’s. Please let my service mean something.