Thank goodness we have the means to help our child

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My oldest child was diagnosed with an immune disorder after receiving vaccinations at a young age. The effects of the disease were horrible, and the preferred treatments the doctors wanted to bombarded my child’s body with had some horrible side effects. My wife and I heard about utilizing cannabis to treat immune issues, which had no negative side effects and great reviews, was a direction we chose to try. So, we moved to a cannabis friendly state and tried the cbd treatments. After less than 30 days the treatments positive effects were dramatic, profound improvement in all aspects, while we experienced no negative side effects. We lived out of state for a few months, while watching our child’s health improve daily. After running our savings into the ground and borrowing all that we could, we had no choice but to head home or risk losing everything we had built in georgia. After only a few days without cbds our child health began a downward spiral, so we knew we had no choice but to either choose the traditional treatments that could cause more problems or procure cbd infused tinctures illegally in georgia. Our choice was obvious to us, risk our family being taken away from us to be sure our child was treated in the least harmful way. After weeks of searching we finally found a brave group of people who specialize in attaining cannabis medicine for the sick here in georgia. It’s been a few years and the doctors are amazed by our child’s improvement without their treatments. Our child still maintains healthy immune function with the help of illegal cannabis tinctures. We travel yearly to see his cannabis specialist in a medical cannabis state to maintain a slight legality to the situation, though we know if anyone found out we would lose our children and probably our freedom. Nothing hurts more, than to know you must choose a path of illegality to maintain our child’s health. I think those who are choosing to ignore the benefits of cannabis for the wide spectrum of illnesses it’s proven to treat is ludicrous, it’s time for Georgians to speak up and share our knowledge of this harmless natural treatment that god has given us to use in our lives. It’s time for change in Georgia.