A tag light violation has taught me that lying is better than telling the truth

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I was pulled over for a tag light being out. I was thankful for the notice. before the officer left my window he asked me, “do you have anything else in the car I should know about weapons, drugs, etc.?” I’m an honest person. I said “yes sir” he asked me “what do you have?” I told him I had a bowl, grinder and about an eighth of weed in my console. I was asked to step out of the vehicle, I did. He asked if they could search my car and I allowed them to. They didn’t find anything else. He allowed my mom to pick me up and she brought another valid driver to drive my car home. I was written a citation for possession and another for the bowl and grinder. He let me go home and I have to appear in court soon. After gaining legal advice, I’ve learned that being honest has been worse than lying. I probably could have lied and gotten away with it. Probably could have lied and had the charges dropped. But I didn’t. I was honest. Now I have to go and appear in court plead guilty, have my license suspended for an ENTIRE YEAR! Probation for an ENTIRE YEAR! $1500 fine, plus all the other fines and costs of their bull**** drug classes, and probation fees. I’ll probably end up paying well over $3000. Not to mention the inconvenience of not being able to drive AT ALL FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR!!!! Now if my kids have an emergency I won’t even be able to drive them to the hospital. I can’t drive to work, so I’m sure I’ll miss a few shifts due to NO RIDE! That’s taking an ample amount of money away from my kids and their necessities! Imagine my surprise when I went to have my tail light replaced, and heard yelled across the shop “all lights are in working condition upon arrival!” I was honest. That officer lied to me. Im about to get f***ed three ways from Sunday. He made quota. I’m just so dumbfounded. This is going to ruin my life for at least the next five years. I may even go to jail because I have no way of making enough money to support my kids and pay all the things they want me to. This is all a money game. They want my money, so they are going to put me through all this. Probably making $3000 off me. However had it been legal… I’d be taxed every time I bought it. They will make $3000 off me this once. If it was legal and I was taxed, I’d pay $2000 a year at least, for the rest of my life. Making well over what they made this time. It would also be much more convenient for me. Going to the store to buy. Not going to drug counseling, or probation, or hell even a sketched trip to the dealer. Oh yeah! And I wouldn’t have my license suspended for an ENTIRE YEAR!