I am a Sunday school teacher that found a miracle herb

Hi, I’m a 32 year old mother of 3, Sunday school teacher, community volunteer, journalist and I have MS….I have never broken the law outside of speeding at times, until a few months ago. Diagnosed at 25 with ms after losing my vision, and relapse, after relapse the pain became unbearable… I received a prescription of Loritab to help with the pain, they did that and so much more, 90 pills and 2 months later I was hooked…if I didn’t have the pain medication I was unbearable to be around…I had a narcotic contract and sat in a room full of people that appeared to be mostly “junkies” just to get these much needed pain relief ‘magic pills’. It was when my 4 year old asked me what happened to “my mommy” that I realized these pills were sabotaging my life. I was either hyped up, comatose or an emotional wreck…I tried every pain medication available, trying to find one that wouldn’t add a whole new realm of side effects. I had to start taking pills for the anxiety I encountered with the pain pills, another pill for nausea that occurred when taking the pain pills, a pill to sleep due to when the pills made me hyper, a pill to keep me awake for when the pain pills knocked me out. I gave up, went thru horrible withdrawal and starting smoking marijuana. I had not smoked marijuana since high school. I personally only like the “high feeling” at times, it definitely helps headaches, and calms your nerves instantly. The feeling it gives my body has been a miracle. I no longer have to take pills for pain, spasticity, sleep, or anxiety. My liver doesn’t need the extra pills because ms treatment includes steroids during a relapse. I wish I could legally obtain, securely grow or possess marijuana. If I were to get caught with this illegal miracle my life would be ruined. I am a big member of my community and I teach so many children…I hate having to hide this. I will take the risk though bc I know what is best for me and my family.