I suffer and have a new baby, It is time for Georgia to help me

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I have suffered from sever mood changes for years now and after I had my daughter not only did I have sever pain in my back, but I had a pre existing injury in my hip that made it much, much worse. Also, i have sever pain from the extremely large kidney stones that I get in my back. My husband suffers from severe bipolar disorder and is so forgetful about taking medication for it. The doctors wont prescribe me pain medicine any stronger than 800 mg ibuprofen which I take that, 2 Tylenol, and 2 Aleve just for my pain to go away for a few hours. It’s absolutely horrid. My suggestion is that if you do medical marijuana it will definitely not only get us as a state out of debt, but help people like my husband and I took be able to feel better for once in a very long time. These doctors wont help me because “I’m too young to be in so much pain.” Not only will medical marijuana help, but it wont have as many side effects or worry about taking too many pills as any other prescriptions have. I sincerely hope you legalize marijuana for the good of your people. Thank you for your time.