Smoking marijuana has never put my life in danger

In my opinion marijuana is only as harmful as you make it. Your intention of the drug correlates to your behavior after receiving this substance. In my opinion, there are a lot of other drugs sold in the U.S that are more harmful than marijuana. It is rare for you to hear someone dying while under the influence of marijuana and that influence being the reason for their death. If anything all I hear about is sick patients getting better or at least coping better with their personal issues. One can not place emphasis on the bad without looking at how much people actually benefit from the use of marijuana. You can not just focus on one of these and not the other. You have parents who will travel great miles just to purchase some marijuana for their sick relative, taking all the risks possible just because they know how beneficial it really is. I know people who would put their freedom in danger for possession of marijuana regardless if its for recreational or medicinal. This is not a serious drug like cocaine, heroin or even alcohol, so why is it that we have to treat it like it is. People don’t like when they are being treated as criminals when they have done nothing wrong, correct? I feel as though the decision should not be on the government it should be on the people because that is the lives that are being affected. You have people that will stand for the law as well as stand against. All of these people in the U.S I believe that each and everyone is capable of putting in their vote and making it their own decision. You don’t really know the harm it can cause until it is actually legalized, but we can focus on the benefits. Everyone knows that if this law is passed and marijuana is legalized, it will put so much more people back into jobs, as well as creating an abundant amount of monetary value that can be recycled and put back into the economy. If you ask me personally should marijuana be legalized, my answer will be Heck Yeah! Why you may ask, Marijuana has never ever had a serious harmful effect on my life. Smoking marijuana has never put my life in danger because I was under the influence. I started smoking marijuana in high school and it helped drastically along the way. I was an International Baccalaureate student at my high school, working two part-time jobs as well as the vast amount of school groups I was members of and smoking marijuana got me through it all. It got me through all the good and bad times. It was the perfect way that I could cope with my daily hassles while still succeeding in life the way I needed to. And now i am here currently graduating a whole entire year early from college because of the credits I received while in high school. First year taking sixteen credit hours both semesters as well as working, maintaining an exceptional above average GPA and all while smoking marijuana. Now whomever believe that legalizing marijuana will do nothing more but harm our society, I then in turn ask well where did marijuana fault my life story?