Sick of opiates

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I made so many comments in many forum and doctors I’m all over Internet I’m in Augusta ga I have serious chronic pain,liver issue 3years liver treatment and might be back sick of it all opiates,pain meds,injection shots chemo meds I had enough I try everything on this cannabis in ga nothing the pain what I’m suffering GA offer 5% of what compare other states for pain what I go through is incredible amount the differences is not right or ethical 90% more legal states without limitations helping people but GA is a scam 5% joke but even though it is you can’t get it unless you go thru hell lot money this to me is form of prejudice and ignorance sound familiar I am in pain serious prescribe all these narcotics for years It mention my liver condition is in limbo giving blood to find what wrong they treated me 3 years of nasty drugs chemo meds cured for two years not something up not going thru that again!!!!I have drop off opiates against doctors advice yes I suffer withdrawal and all pain full fury why couldn’t they least get me on even 5% ga law oil?? I can’t do because it illegal but I been opiates 7 years recommend go treatment rehab for what the doctors put me on!!!I would like to try cannabis to get off all this even pain meds but I can’t even try??? What hope is there???