My promise to my family is I will die trying to have marijuana legal

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I am 41. Its been a rough battle. I’m sure you all have experienced the I can’t do this am I go pass away or wake up and not be able to remember these beautiful gifts from God! I went from soccer mom to my some one that gave it up. When I got diagnosed with MS I was so thankful God had taken my 94 best friend, grandma on to heaven. See her only daughter was sick from this. RIP she was 42 when complications due to MS took her. They came out with the first treatment. I was scared, I had to be put in a NURSING HOME for rehabilitation. I was unable to walk on my own much. I was weak in my spirit and was there for a month. Well I went to mayo clinic that summer wow I was so. I was so heartbroken. Those places are just not me. Has anyone ever heard of the hla-b27? I have it. It can cause autoimmune diseases. 8 percent of Caucasians have this. It is hereditary. I have Multiple Sclerosis, SLE lupus, Congestive heart failure, copd, optic neuritis, colitis, arthritis, narrowing of upper esophagus, barrets esophagus, seizures, hidradenitis suppurativa, pyroderma. Grangenosum, chronic headache syndrome, fibromyalgia,intraepitheal eosinophils esophagus, gerd, pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary retention, gout, chronic gastritis, ibs, muscle spasms, disc disorder of the spine, microvascular angina, inappropriate sinus tachycardia, hyperlipidemia, insomnia, nausea, depression, anxiety, muscle weakness, abnormal gait, demylenating disease of central nervous system, lumbosacral spondylosis without Myelopathy, carpal tunnel syndrome, syncope and collapse, …… My meds consist of 45 a day so some I have to take 3 times a day so around 60 pills. It is killing me For each med its destroying an organ. With marijuana I would be able to do without so many saving the government 78,000 a year for my meds. I am 41 years old and my genetic disorder is hereditary. My promise to my family is I will die trying to have marijuana legal so they never have put all this in there bodies to function. I don’t smoke to be stoned. When I take just one hit I am not high. I feel normal, my body functions properly and I can clean. That is so special for me to say because I enjoy doing things that even on my meds my body will not allow me. I will say when your child looks at you and says mom you act like my mom like that,it is heart breaking. I have been in two nursing homes and some days I can’t get my head up or energy to get in shower. Why can’t I have my own little bit of what Our Lord put here for us. I will provide every green herb…….Love God Thank you for reading my story,