An Overwhelming Fear of Arrest

I suffer from not only type 1 diabetes, but also severe OCD and generalized anxiety disorder. Marijuana has improved my quality of life greatly in that it gets rid of my anxiety and helps deal with my OCD more than any other medicine I’ve tried. It also helps me deal with controlling my blood sugar, as I often suffer from low blood sugar as a result of my diabetes and I’ve noticed (and studies have shown) that cannabis increases my appetite and leads to me having fewer dangerous episodes of low blood sugar.

The only time that this medicine has ever had a bad side-effect for me is when I have panic attacks from having to illegally buy and transport it. The fear of being arrested while trying to obtain this wonderful medicine is overwhelming sometimes but is still worth it to have access to it. I have no criminal history and I work a full time job. I never use marijuana outside of my own home and I’ve never done any other drugs aside from caffine.

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