I am not a criminal either

In september, 2014 I suffered a horrific gunshot wound to the calf area of my leg. Because of my wound I was prescribed oxycodone for pain relief. It is now january 2015 and although my wound has closed up, i still experience chronic pain in my leg because of the permanent tissue and nerve damage that occurred. For pain management I found myself swallowing loads of oxys and ibuprofen. The oxys caused me terrible hallucinations and the ibuprofen were causing me terrible stomach cramps and nausea. I totally stopped taking both. I did my research to find another way to manage my chronic pain. In November of 2014, I decided to try cannabis as an alternative to oxys and ibuprofen. So far I can say the cannabis has helped me tremendously with pain management without the hallucinations, stomach cramping and nausea caused by prescription pills. I am sharing my story with the world because I want the government to stop criminalizing its citizens because we choose to use a natural herb to help us with pain management, anxiety, and the many ills we as citizens are suffering from. I work 2 jobs, am earning my bachelor’s degree, pay my taxes, raised three children to adulthood, stay out of trouble, and help my fellow brother when I can. Does that sound like criminality to you Mr. Governor ?