We need a full medical marijuana program for Georgia patients

Medical Marijuana should be legal here in GA because it has HELPED M A N Y people who are suffering from DIFFERENT kinds of diseases(HARMFUL DISEASES PEOPLE). Medical marijuana isn’t a bad idea to have here in our state. I live in Savannah, GA and we have SEVERAL shootings every week over violence and drugs. Marijuana being one of those “drugs”. We made the list of top 10 for violence/shootings. Legalizing marijuana would mean less people would be selling marijuana, drug dealers wouldn’t have no other choice to find a better job. If marijuana was legal, our crime rate here would go down. Colorado for example, crime rates have dropped. The effect of ANYTHING can harm your body 10x worse than medical marijuana, I smoke marijuana daily. I have a back problem.. I can’t stand for long periods of time, when I smoke some marijuana, my body no longer feels that pain. Sometimes I can’t eat AT ALL, when I smoke, I get extremely hungry and I won’t keep moving without eating. People think marijuana is bad because of the way its broadcasted to the world. The music world has a big part in the reason why people think it’s bad, ALL rappers talk about weed, which is one reason a lot of young teenagers experiment with it. when the teenagers start using marijuana it becomes a problem because the way it affects THEM is worse than how it would affect adults 21 and over.