Marijuana make the pain stop

I am a 22 year old woman suffering from Glaucoma. I used to be employed by Moviestop, a relatively small but growing business in the Southwestern part of the states and I recently lost my job and my promotion into management due to failing a drug test. I will admit, I use marijuana regularly. I cannot afford health insurance, even through Obamacare and I was refused disability. I cannot afford the medicine and my eye doctor was surprised I wasn’t blind yet due to my eye pressure being above and beyond the safe range. I face every day with insecurity and pain. It feels as if someone is hitting me over each eyeball with a hammer in constant waves while the pain acts like a blindfold to everything around me. I have had occasions where I have cried myself to sleep, with a dangerous amount of aspirin inside me because of the immense pressure and pain I feel. I am terrified that any day I’ll be blind and unable to care for myself or proceed with life normally. I am terrified of losing my sight. I am terrified of losing all I know to be dear because of this. When I use marijuana, it takes the pain away, It’s like I can feel the pain melting away to numbness and that constant pain is dulled to a slow ache-and sometimes it’s like I don’t feel anything. By all means, if the government would like to pay-in full for my medicine I would stop in a heartbeat, but for now this is the only thing I can afford and that helps. Put yourself in my shoes, my eyeballs and then tell me you wouldn’t try to make the pain stop.