Marijuana isn’t a bad thing

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Hi Y’all! I’m Maggie, but I go by Maggie Mae. I was born and raised in Georgia and I lived here all my life. My mom is a republican, while my dad is a democrat. I told my mother the other day that Georgia passed the bill for legalizing medical marijuana. I asked her if she knew about it. She said, “Yeah. I saw it on the news.” We were discussing about we feel about it and she doesn’t think it’s a very good idea. I asked her why and she gave me a BS answer. I told her I thought it was a great idea. Marijuana is not harmful, no one has died or overdosed on marijuana, it cures cancer symptoms and other medical things, people can focus on something for hours, people sleep better, and its a natural medicine. I’m visiting my dad for the weekend in Tennessee and I asked my dad the same question today and he lives in Nashville, because my parents are divorced. He said, “Oh shit! Haha they legalized it already? That’s awesome. I think it should be legalized everywhere. Its crazy to think that it’s not legalized everywhere!” Georgia is a very conservative living and people tend to stick to their own beliefs and traditions. Very family orientated. I am not conservative. Nor am I a democrat. I don’t really know what I am. I’m only 21 years old. What can I say? I believe that marijuana should be legalized everywhere, gay marriage should be legalized, and the wars, need to stop. Marijuana isn’t a bad thing. Some people believe its a drug, while others believe it’s a plant. Marijuana helps people with cancer, anxiety (like me), people with sleeping disorder (like me as well), people with chronic pain, depression, Parkinson’s disease, severe nausea, and many more things. I do have to admit I went down the wrong path, but not with marijuana. I went to rehab for two years for a cocaine addiction and I have been clean from it for 1 year and 8 months so far. I got in trouble with the law in 2012 with under a gram of marijuana, but thank God I didn’t get arrested! I only got a citation. My parents think I don’t do anything besides drink alcohol… But, I smoke marijuana. Marijuana makes me calm and relaxed. I am always working and my schedule is always go go go. I never have time to relax and when I get the chance to, I am tense and have to take deep breaths and close my eyes in a dark room. I have severe anxiety all the time and I feel like I can never get a break. Sometimes people have to tell me over and over again, “Just relax” or “Don’t worry about it” or “Stop stressing”. When I smoke marijuana, I relax. I also have insomnia. I have to take Melatonin every night before I go to sleep. I am up at 3 am right now actually writing this, because the Melatonin didn’t work. I always have to rely on my Melatonin, because for one, I don’t live on my own so I can’t smoke marijuana to go to sleep and two sometimes the Melatonin doesn’t work. When I am at a friend’s house and I smoke marijuana before I go to bed, I have the best sleep I have ever had. The next day I feel refreshed, energized, and awesome. When I use Melatonin I have crazy nightmares and dreams that sometimes will wake me up in the middle of the night and sometimes I can’t go back to sleep (which is horrible for me the next day at work). I usually have a headache that won’t go away till the afternoon, I have to drink coffee in order to stay awake at work and not feel tired, and my body feels weak. Marijuana is a good thing and I’m so happy that Georgia legalized medical marijuana, because I will be one of the first patients to get a medical marijuana card in Georgia. THANK YOU! You rock! I really thought this was going to be the last state to be legalized… But, I was wrong and I am so thankful y’all did something that needed to be done. 🙂