To many of us it is ALL about living or dying

I had always been there for my daughter but on the day she moved into her dorm freshman year, I could not. Instead I was 4 hrs away at Emory Univ Hosp starting what would be a 32 day extended stay after surgery that removed 36cm of my immune system also known as my small intestines due to blockage. At 48 yrs old, I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Crohn’s /Colitis and celiac disease. My entire world changed in an instant. The standard treatment for crohn’s is immunosuppressants or steroids and they only treats the symptoms (does not cure). Immunosuppressants can cause cancer,tuberculosis , or other serious infection just as a side effect. Steroids I can’t take because I also have tachycardia and steroids induce that condition in me. I am a chemically sensitive person, my list of allergens is long, most pharma drugs I can’t take orally over a couple of doses or it produces reaction such as intestinal bleeding. My doctor was really encouraging me towards the immunosuppressants (infusion) but I asked her to give me three months to try and if I couldn’t find something to treat myself naturally I would take the immunosuppressants. You see my family has a long relationship with cancers. I went home and immediately started researching, what I found I couldn’t believe. Could it be that this plant that I dabbled with in my youth be the answer to all my problems? If it had been a couple of videos and articles I may have dismissed this find but it was everywhere, hundreds of people testifying to how it had helped their conditions, their crohn’s. Shona Banda gave the most inspiring testimony in her videos.The clinical trials in Israel were also positive proof for me. So I decided I would try it. After that it took me several weeks just to find someone that had those kind of contacts. The end result is with the first inhale of that smoke my entire mouth tissue changed, it’s like it coats the tissue and protects it…. absolutely amazing! I was trying to flare when I first tried it and it stopped the flare in an instant. I continued with this treatment and have been in remission now for several years. It also works on my bones aching , gout I have in my toe, nausea (that zofran doesn’t touch) ,sleeplessness, depression, stomach cramps,thoracic outlet syndrome I had in my shoulder, tachycardia , stops wasting by increasing appetite, as well as many others. Within three years of surgery most crohn’s patients have to go back in for another surgery to remove more damaged intestines. I have broken that cycle and am working on doubling that at the moment. To many of us it is ALL about living or dying.