It should be legal in every State

I moved here from Louisiana 2 yrs ago, due to chronic pain, I had moved to Oklahoma for better pain management, just didn’t know what I was getting into, I ended up with a medtronic pain pump full of 10 mg morphine, every 4 hours it released into my back, after a few months doses was really goin up, next thing I knew I had 50 mg morphine, then it went to dililda , from 10 mg to 50 mg. I had so many problems with the pain pump working right, almost killed me when it gave too much, so after 4 yrs of this horror story I came to Colorado, bought a home and went to get this pain pump out of my body, and see a medical marijuana doctor., I am here to tell anyone, i can’t express to anyone who has chronic pain , fibro, rheumatoid. arthritis , bulge disc, that the medical marijuana has been a blessing for me and my new life. I have even lost weight, i feel better than I have in years, I’m 50 yrs old , and I grow my own Indicas , Its a shame people have to move from their families just to be able to use it and grow your own, that way you know what you have.  My old man uses it for many purposes as well including his pain.  Well it should be legal everywhere, we wouldn’t have people on the corners selling it, no cartels bringing it across the borders, all this stuff would stop, because people wouldn’t need them anymore, people would be able to have pain meds w/o side effects, w/o taking handfuls of pills all day everyday, Marijuana shouldn’t have ever been illegal to start with, no one and I repeat NO ONE in history has ever died or overdosed on pot. I’ve smoke it for the past 38 years, last 2 yrs medical, and its my medicine , for attitude , PAIN, fibro, and it works wonders on my nerves and muscles …I’m healthier, lost 30 lbs, just being more active, and I’m not taking pain pills or a pain pump delivering it to my system, I grow my own.  I make my own oil and butter, I cook with it, make candies, cakes, cookies, ect. I make my own hash out dry ice and my leaves and use my hash in my candies, IT SHOULD BE LEGAL  IN EVERY STATE. This is a safe plant and when you grow it yourself you know what you have,…It’s a win win…anyway u look at it, so legalize it already.