I’m no “good ole boy”

Prohibition cost my family 10k over 20 years ago!! All because I smoked a joint in my own home, when my kids were not even home!! I opened the door and saw the Sheriff car, and instinctively closed the door back and ran away from it! Did this stop the officer? NO! He came right in and asked to search. I knew that fighting it in my county was futile because it is a real “good ole boy” network here and I’m no “good ole boy”. I allowed him to search (mistake, I know) realizing what he would find. Two gallon size ziplocs of fresh grown marijuana. The plant was a complete surprise, found on our property and grown by accident. It was freshly harvested. They took it and waited on my husband to come home. When he did, they took him to jail and asked me to follow knowing I was the one smoking and would be driving the kids (shows how dangerous they thought it was) to the sheriff’s office. When I got there, they arrested me too and we had to post bond. The fines and fees alone cost about ten thousand dollars plus the lawyers thirty seven hundred. When it made the paper, we had “several quantities of marijuana” (because they emptied every ashtray into a different baggie! The biggest shock of all was that the kids friends spoke up and wondered how could this cop arrest us when he sold weed to high school kids!!!! (this one i have no proof of) I couldn’t fight the charges in court because I couldn’t afford a lawyer and didn’t want to get fired for being out for a trial. So a guilty plea was my only choice. Now people all over can do this legally yet I still can’t because I live in Georgia!