60 Years Old, Fed Up and Pissed Off

My story is not a story, but facts. I have worn a prosthetic eye for 52 years which by now is very stressful, discomforting and is mostly a very depressing situation for me and always has been, if not down right irritating much of the time. When I take a few tokes, my stress and anxieties, discomforts, are subdued and I feel fine. I also have a chronic cervical disorder in my neck with several bone spurs and mostly diminished or worn out cushioning between the vertebrate, which is severely discomforting and painful.

I have learned from experience that good marijuana is definitely the best medicine for me and I do not like to take those pills that the doctors are shoveling to us all. Also those pills are usually what is slowly killing us. Marijuana is not harmful to me and never has been harmful, but marijuana has many medical benefits without being addictive or without damaging other organs such as kidneys, liver, colon, bladder, eyes, etc. etc.

I am so sick of having to go find the street dealer to get some low rate dank weed that smokes , smells and tastes like it was grown in somebody’s closet or bathtub. Then have to worry about getting busted with it on the way back. Which is what just happened again 2 days after Christmas this year. I’m 60 years old and am “Fed up and pissed off” at the way this backward government here in this state of Georgia is with my rights and civil liberties that evidently are far and few. The government doesn’t want prohibition to end because they build pride off of the pride they have stolen from their victims of prey.

Under current prohibition I , like anyone else has to buy from the drug dealing informant that works for the postal service or the like and has been selling weed for many, many years with police protection. Ha! BINGO! This government is corrupted, all of them. I said I am 60 years old which also means that I wasn’t born yesterday! They (the corrupted government) have a lot of those drug dealing informants that deal to everyone that will pay $200 a bag for so-so grade stuff that doesn’t even come close to what went around a few years back. I’m saying the government has an “organized crime ring in operation for many years and that’s why pot became so expensive.”

Their operation is allowing a certain choice few big wheel businessmen and politicians to indulge in make shift or covert grow facilities on private off road facilities and in warehouses to produce much of the weed that goes around. So they grow it , they jack up the prices, they have their informants selling it, and anyone that buys over one ounce at a time is subjected to being ratted on and busted for a felony, therefore the feds are more than likely in on the whole operation.

I don’t want to stop here because I could write a very interesting book if I keep going. So, you get my drift. I know some of you will call this a rant. I assure you it is not. Something not only needs to be done about it and something HAS to be done about ending marijuana prohibition and restoring constitutional rights, citizens rights, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for every citizen and stop this government victimization program. As of the last 75 years, GOVERNMENT GREED rules this land. The government people are using and abusing our rights to become wealthy. The people should rise up and be heard.

I’m sick of all this government corruption from one end of the spectrum to the other! The government is disgusting to many! Times are changing. I need my medicine dammit!

So, there you have it. I believe we should stand up for our rights if we want to have the freedoms and liberties that are spelled out in our constitution. Also the excessive tax rates and price of weed in legal states is absurd. WE should be allowed to grow our own weed out the backdoor and that would eliminate the black market and government cartels. I demand my constitutional rights and freedoms, otherwise we live in a land of corrupted and scandalous government control. END PROHIBITION NOW!

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