I went to Colorado

I have had adhd all my life. I have taken both adderall and ritalin trying to control symptoms. I have spent the last 6 months in Colorado experimenting with cannabis and have found that low doses help me concentrate and focus. I appreciate the fact that cannabis is a natural alternative to the prescriptions I have taken, and the fact that it works just as well if not better, without the side effects of the pills I took in the past. I discovered through recreational use years ago that cannabis helped with my concentration, but was forced to use the behavioral meds instead since cannabis is illegal. I would love to be able to legally use cannabis to treat my symptoms when I head back to Georgia in the near future. I am fully supportive of the legalization of cannabis for the sake of others such as my mother and grandmother who both have health issues that cannabis is proven to treat, and for everyone else who deserves to have the choice of a natural and powerful medicinal alternative to western medicine.

About Author

Sharon is a wife, mother, caregiver, business owner and life long resident of Georgia. Her eyes were opened when her family was traumatized by the “War on Drugs”, she uses her ears to listen to other victims and her voice to tell their stories and educate others on the direct and indirect harms of prohibition and how it affects us all.

Sharon has been a guest on numerous radio stations across the country as well as local and regional TV news affiliates. As well as LadyBud Magazine, HighTimes Magazine and Main Street. She was recently nominated by Mass/Cann NORML for National Female Activist of the Year. Sharon has traveled the country speaking on various topics including drug policy, activism, southern strategies and harm reduction. She produces a segment on 420radio.com highlighting the stories and work of other women in the fight to end marijuana prohibition.