I am running for Mayor

Hello I am a born again child of God, I accepted Christ at 13, I began smoking pot at 15 after my mom and dad divorced. My path allowed me to discover cannabis. I was called somewhere around 14 to be a missionary. Well man told me I could not be a missionary or a preacher, yet here I am a servant. My given name is Michael, my GOD given name is B.E.A.R. I am a disabled veteran honorably discharged 4.0 sailor meritoriously advanced to E-5 twice. I am retired at 49.5 years old as an Assistant Warden from the fortune 500 prison company featured in Culture High. I am the co-creator of Native American Christian Warriors and the co-founder to Temple Builders. And most importantly I am a servant of the LIVING GOD, Yahweh, THE CREATOR. I speak only Truth as revealed to me from the holy scripture and the words that are written on my heart. I believe Genesis chapter two covers it but you can find it in Acts and I believe Romans to support cannabis. We are warned about sorcery which is man made pharmaceuticals, yet they are legal and kill hundreds to thousands and have law suits pending. The creator gave us everything we need if we only love him it will be revealed. I support full legalization of the whole plant, just like I support the entire word of GOD being proclaimed. I am running for Mayor in Waverly Hall and would like to have NORML backing me. I have businesses that will allow me to place NORML fliers in their establishments but I need to get some material. HELP