I am an RN and I have a few questions

I am 65 years old and was a registered nurse until two years ago when I was forced tore tire early due to multiple health problems. I have been diagnosed with a degenerative arthritis which is destroying my joints such as knees and hip and have had replacement surgery. I also have severe diverticulitis which required surgery, removal of several feet of intestines with a temporary colostomy. I also have been diagnosed with a probable autoimmune disorder. I continue to be seen and treated at a pain center for chronic severe pain. My former primary care physician agreed with my arthritis specialist that I would greatly benefit from medical marijuana but my diagnosis do not fall under the right listed to make me eligible so I continue to suffer with no help insite. Why is Georgia so behind the progress made in other states to make marijuana legal for all diagnosis that a qualified physician recommends the use ofc marijuana? Are our legislature and governor qualified to say what diagnosis requires the use of marijuana to improve the quality of life for people when chronic long-term medical diagnosis? We are lucky in Georgia to have so many wonderful physicians and they should have the right to treat their patients with any medication that they seem necessary. Why doesn’t our legislature give them the respect and trust that many other states have done by allowing this issue to be decided by them.