My husband is a Vet with Ptsd

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My husband’s unit accompanied the 1st and second division of marines in the initial attacks in 2004 on Ramadi and Fallujah in Iraq. As a result, he suffers from PTSD. He is now a resident of Laurens county GA. His doctors at the VA have told him, “We would have prescribed you medical Marijuana years ago if it were legal in GA to do so. He suffers from anxiety attacks, insomnia, and problems going into stores or crowds. As a result of being face to face with countess roadside bombs he also suffers from traumatic brain injury and debilitating migraines. He is currently getting treatment from the VA and I believe more valiant now that he’s home than in his brave service “in action”. He carries himself in love, patience, sobriety and self control. He continues to work even though he is disabled and Excels in his field. Needless to say I could never be prouder, however, I find it cruel that despite his sacrifices and character that he is allowed to go on suffering and being forced to damage his liver with medication experimentation when there is natural alternative available that has proven to help him tremendously. Our government would prosper greatly from the revenues of legal medical Marijuana, even more so than probation, which is now it’s #1 source of income.