God knows what he is doing

I have bouts of depression, insomnia, bad nerves (i call them the shakes because my hands shake real bad), and severe pain during “that time of the month”, I also have a genetic disorder called ectodermal dysplasia that, among other things, affects my ability to control my body temperature. marijuana is the only thing that has helped me with all three, I have tried sleeping pills, otc pain killers and even some prescribed pills from a psychiatrist that were supposed to help with all of my problems, but to no avail. The pills from the psychiatrist helped me sleep but made me a zombie, i was groggy the next day, and made my depression worse. Marijuana calms my nerves, evens my mood, drops my temperature to a comfortable level (which comes in handy when it is really hot out like it has been), eases/gets rid of my pain, and helps me sleep. i stopped using it for over a month and I had crying fits for no reason, could not sleep for over 48 hours, could not hold a spoon or fork to eat because of the shakes, and as soon as the temperatures got in the 80’s, I could not even leave my home for a short walk to my sisters house, which is up a flight of stairs, because I have to walk outside to get there.  I had a fear of over heating. Marijuana gives no adverse side-effects, no munches so no weight gain (for me at least) as a matter of fact I am a healthier weight now because of it, (tried different diet pills, diet, and exercise and nothing helped) and I don’t feel groggy the next day. I prefer to use god made medicine than man made medicine because god knows what he is doing, man still needs to figure out if his medicine will work right.

About Author

Sharon is a wife, mother, caregiver, business owner and life long resident of Georgia. Her eyes were opened when her family was traumatized by the “War on Drugs”, she uses her ears to listen to other victims and her voice to tell their stories and educate others on the direct and indirect harms of prohibition and how it affects us all.

Sharon has been a guest on numerous radio stations across the country as well as local and regional TV news affiliates. As well as LadyBud Magazine, HighTimes Magazine and Main Street. She was recently nominated by Mass/Cann NORML for National Female Activist of the Year. Sharon has traveled the country speaking on various topics including drug policy, activism, southern strategies and harm reduction. She produces a segment on 420radio.com highlighting the stories and work of other women in the fight to end marijuana prohibition.