My friend was a zombie before a friend gave him marijuana

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This is not my story but a story from a fellow friend Jeremy. An 18-year-old looking at a professional baseball career but on his 18th birthday his friend was driving him because he got too drunk and Jeremy started throwing up out the back seat window of his friends car and his friend looked back to see if he was throwing up on his car and wasn’t paying attention where he was driving and ran Jeremy’s head into a tree. They were sure he was going to die and kept him on life-support in the hospital for a very long time until the doctors told Jeremy’s mother it was time to take him off life support and let God’s will be determined but his mother did not accept that and told him to keep him on a little bit longer and Jeremy finally snapped out of his coma and the doctors told his mother that he would be a vegetable for life, not able to walk talk eat or drink by himself and had him on several medications until the day Jeremy’s mother needed help and took him to a friends house to where he could be taken care of. That friend took him off all of his medications without the consent of the doctors and had him starting to smoke marijuana and within a matter of months Jeremy was able to walk and talk and feed himself and started throwing a baseball again and now only half of his body is still not functioning right to an extent but he is able to function and move and determine real life against fake and function as a normal man, still with trying times but he was supposed to die over 14 years ago! He speaks and understands what’s going on and communicates with every conversation something he had not done the whole time he was on his medications this has been a proven fact to us that if he had not gotten on marijuana his life would’ve been extremely different and he might’ve been dead today but up until the day he started smoking marijuana he was a vegetable as they said and the more and more he started smoking and got off the medications completely he definitely changed and grew and was completely different than they said he would’ve been the rest of his life and he grows every day more and more.