The cops came in and took away my big brother to jail for .5 grams

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I smoke green myself not everyday but occasionally but my worst story of the war on drugs was when I was 15 are 16 and the DTF come to my house in White Co georgia with a warrant they said, but never did show a warrant. They arrested my brother for less than a dime of pot probably .5 of a gram. Yet after all that they gave him a plea deal of 6 months for .5 and 7 years probation and labeled him as a felon so he can never buy a gun.  He has it on his record for life.  That to me is wrong plus now I view police different. I use to think they were here to protect and serve but I now know there really here to seize and arrest.  I’m 24 now so that has been a few years.  I have kids and wouldn’t want my children to smoke or drink but when they turn 21 what can I do but let them decide, not the gov, them. That’s how we should look at legalization. Why should big brother decide what I put in my body if I’m not bothering any one else and sitting on the couch eating and watching YouTube videos.  It’s bull and a way to control us as Americans and as Georgians, so please Georgia legalize today and save a life for tomorrow cause should people who are arrested for less than a gram be considered felons I don’t thank so!