I can’t stay in a State that doesn’t see a miracle when it’s upon them.

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Hello, i would like to remain anonymous about this but i would like to tell my story. If it even reaches and helps someone I will be happy. I have had depression issues ever since i was 14. I had social anxiety. I didn’t feel “normal”. I would let everything get to me. Well one year, my boyfriend had introduced me to cannabis, I was very hesitant about it. I was always coached into believing that cannabis is bad, you shouldn’t go near it. stay away. All through growing up, I was always told about how bad it was until the day I finally tried it myself to see what the big deal about it was. I felt fine, just happier. it made me enjoy life and notice all the small things that I would have disregarded otherwise. It made me think about how I treated others, to become better. It made me have a positive outlook on life and finally reach true happiness. I came to learn that everything I “believed” was a lie. people say it makes you “lazy” and “fat”. Well I  guess that depends on the person. You can use the cannabis anyway you want, I found I was more productive and actually handled things a lot more rationally then I would otherwise. I hear people say that it’s against their religion, I’m a christian myself. I have complete and full faith in my lord and savior. I also believe cannabis is something HE created. cannabis has so many different uses, their finding more and more everyday. If God didn’t make this. why would it be so beneficial to the human body? Cannabis is safer than peanuts! Why are we still arguing about legalizing? What is it going to take for you people to finally realize what a wonderful thing you have here? You could stop the war on drugs. money that is being made through cartels, gangs/ it could help our state tremendously. Instead of wasting very precious money that we don’t need to be using to incarcerate someone over smoking weed. I mean, come on America. wake up. the people that need to be in jail are people like Casey Anthony! Yet… somehow she’s walking around a free woman when some people are doing life for weed! Are you kidding me!? That is just sad, other people like Nancy Grace who is completely bias against weed has made comments about the kids.  We need to protect the kids. tell me Nancy Grace. have you ever even smoked? How would you know? Please tell me what you base that off of. Alcohol is legalized here. it can actually destroy your liver and take your life if too much is ingested but yet that’s legal? This won’t stop parents from giving it to their kids, bad parents will still be bad parents at the end of the day. We can put restrictions on it, like you have to be 18 to purchase it. You know what made me take that first hit of weed? How bad the media made it out to me. It made me want it more. people want what they can’t have. I smoked it, I felt amazing. not mean or aggressive, just happy. There’s also been a study to convey that teens were less interested in weed when they learned it was legal. I love Georgia, I really do. I don’t want to leave the state that I’ve come to love. I’ve grown up here but I honestly don’t know if I can stay in a state that doesn’t see a miracle when it’s upon them.