Cannabis does not pose a threat

I suffer from a genetic neurological disease called neurofibromatosis, which causes severe nerve pain and debilitating muscle spasms. There is currently no cure for my condition and it will worsen with time. My muscle spasms are currently being treated by narcotics and my nerve pain is untreated because I cannot afford my medication. I face a life being in pain or being on strong narcotics, which pose a greater threat to my health than my disease. I know from experience that cannabis controls all of my symptoms. Cannabis does not pose any threats to my health and could replace the narcotics. Cannabis also is a plant that I could safely grow in my own backyard. If legal I would choose cannabis over narcotic dependency and see it as the best way to control this disease that I will have for the rest of my life. I plead to all who read my testimony, to support the legalization of cannabis. Georgia has been my home for all of my life, but I am willing to leave it for health reasons, if we cannot do what other states have done. In this action, I am not alone, I am one voice of many who are leaving friends and family behind for their health, because Georgia wants to imprison us for wanting what other citizens of the United States have been granted.