Cannabis keeps this Veteran from killing myself

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The VA has tried over 3 years to pump me with medicine but nothing has worked and they all made me sick. I smoke marijuana now and my day to day life has improved or tolerable. I went to Iraq and Afghanistan and I have severe ptsd. Before I started smoking, I could not sleep. I had no appetite. Extremely paranoid with severe anxiety. Daily nausea. Nightmares on a nightly basis. Flashbacks. Extremely suicidal with severe depression. Needless to say my condition is chronic and is not going away. Smoking is the only way I can have a “normal life”. Combat veterans should be taken care off not scrutinized because we don’t want to take 25 narcotic pills a day. Which are highly addictive and also continue to bring your physical health down. Veterans need this. Please do not ignore reality. I guarantee no politician could live a day in my head without killing themselves. This issue is real and veterans are killing themselves on a daily basis. Be a part of the solution.