Cannabis helps me be a productive member of society

I have been affected by quadriplegia from a traumatic neck injury since 2006. After that, I completed a BSBE at UGA and I am now a rising software developer for a large international company. Medical Marijuana has been one the most effective medicines against my many ailments caused by my quadriplegia. Marijuana virtually eliminates strong muscle spasms that can in some case cause injury, but often the spasms prevent me from doing the simplest tasks, such as getting in and out of bed, and driving. Marijuana also helps regulate my limited bowel and bladder control. It also relieves chronic pain from my neck’s fusion site and other muscles that are overworked while living in a wheelchair. It helps me overcome anxiety about being in public while refined to my wheelchair. I look forward to see y’all at the next NORML meeting on April 7. It will be the first one I am attending. I’d like to become more involved in this legalization effort. I believe I have a lot to contribute, being an educated disabled man who could greatly benefit for medicinal cannabis. Thanks for reading! & best wishes