Who’s going to feed my family if I go to prison?

I was recently serve a warrant on November 6th 2014 by G.B.I., Appalachian drug task force and Banks county sheriff’s department to search my home but first I was pulled over on my way to work they searched my vehicle and found nothing and then they made me drive back to my residence and searched my home.

They retrieved 11 marijuana plants that was inside of a locked building that I chose to grow in for myself for my daily use and to self sustain myself vs buying it from someone else not to mention you get ripped off every time you deal with an individual but instead I chose to grow and now a lawyer is going to cost me anywhere from six thousand to ten thousand dollars not to mention they’re supposed to be guaranteed prison time behind it all in the meantime all I did was grow my own weed go and all i do is go to work everyday like a normal citizen come home feed my kids my family and now I’m ridiculed because I smoke marijuana to end my day vs getting drunk or anything else that pertains to intoxication or medicating.

Who’s going to feed my family if I go to prison? How can you send someone to prison over a victimless crime? Who did I hurt? How does the government justify making taxpayers pay for my imprisonment over a simple plant but wasn’t hurting anybody. And I have been smoking marijuana for well over 10 years. And I’ve only been to prison once over marijuana that is my entire criminal history it is due to marijuana. I just don’t see how law enforcement can justify spending so much taxpayers money to raid my house then force them to pay to incarcerate me over no crime. I’m just a simple man that enjoys smoking grass vs getting drunk or taking pain medication or other drugs and I was minding my own business. And harming no one.

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