Army Veteran finds relief

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Well to start, I’m a Army Veteran, and i find it very interesting why our country and government will allow me to have prescriptions of medicine in pill form that was created by people who are “practicing” medicine. but will kick me out of the military because i ingested or inhaled a natural medicine that does not give me the side effects of the man made pills? Mood swings, sleep walking, depression, suicidal thoughts?? But America cares about its soldiers? I tried Marijuana in high school but it wasn’t for me. After i returned from a year deployment I was re-introduced and found that it served better than any of the meds I used to sleep, or for anxiety. There are infinite numbers of strains of this plant and can be altered depending on its needs. Why not give people something real, not something that will forever be practice? I haven’t taken any meds since 2013, when I need to sleep I have myself a heavy indica and I sleep well. I wake up feeling refreshed, not a hung over feeling. I don’t even consume alcohol anymore and I really enjoyed it. It seems maryjane is a selfish woman and wants me all to herself. At least it’s for the better.