We should be able to grow our own medicine

I have Fibromyalgia, which also causes Migraines,severe muscle spasms,no sleep, Acid reflux, IBS,bladder spasms, arthritis, bunions, have also had my appendix out, 5 hernias surgeries ,gallbladder surgery ,3 c-sections and a hysterectomy. My Neurologist said I would be a good candidate for Cannabis for Migraines. Right now am doing Botox treatments, helps a little. But Cannabis helps with migraines, relaxes muscles with all the above ailments I have listed above including helping me get rest. That alone would help my muscles not hurt so bad & less migraines. I am about ready to pack and go back to another state where It’s legalized. I forgot to mention I also have high blood pressure & am over weight. But also am on like 10 different prescriptions right now. Which I know I could do without all of these pills for muscle spasms & sleep, acid reflux. if I could be allowed to have the whole plant of Cannabis, not just the oil. It needs to be legalized like other states where people (Patients like me) are allowed to grow there own. Up to 12 plants for themselves…Thank you again..Please consider legalizing in Georgia. Thank You