I am 74 years old and I smoke marijuana everyday

I have been diagnosed with severe clinical depression since mid 60,s .hospitalized 3 times in Ga. Regional. 6 times on mental wards with stays from 1 to 6 weeks at a time. 2 suicide attempts. First time they almost didn’t get my heart beating again. For 25 yrs on every antidepressant available 6 xanax , 300 mg trazodone, 150 mg zoloft daily. I was totally a walking zombie.  It took a year to get off everything with the help of MARIJUANA. Now I don’t even take a aspirin. I smoke marijuana everyday and have been a totally different person. But if I go more than 2 days without I start to hit bottom and stay in bed until I smoke a joint. I have stayed in bed many Times the past 40 yrs as long as 3-4 months at a time . I’m 74 years old now and live with my 53 yr old daughter. She knows how I have to smoke daily . And sees what happens without it… I have much more to tell ………..ADP.