I was 15 when I started getting depressed about random events in my life. Everyday it got harder, and harder to bare with everything that was going on around me. I went to a friends house one weekend, and he said he had bought weed for us, and I said okay what are we going to smoke it with? he said he had a glass bowl, and at the time I did not know what a (bowl) was so I just said alright. We went to our other buddy’s house, and smoked in his mom’s car at like 11.00 pm. It was crazy I didn’t get high, we smoked 2 bowls of what we had, and got out the car they looked so baked, and a big cloud came out of the car, and like folded over the roof it looked awesome, but I wasn’t high. So a couple months go by I didn’t smoke, I didn’t hang out with anyone who did, I just wasn’t into it. Then one day I was headed to my Grandparents house and my grandmother had picked me up to go with her we were riding down the road a pretty good ways away from her house about to pass a green light, my grandmother takes her sunglasses that are on the top of her head, and pulls them down, and she doesn’t see it turn red. I look, and it was a split second, and we tailed someone, and both cars went spinning. We got flung off the road into a empty old car dealership parking lot. So after all the insurance stuff was done. We went to the E.R my grandmother had a broken foot and I got my back bandaged, and like taped up looking, and I was that way for awhile and I hurt so.. so.. bad I tried cannabis one more time because I heard it gets rid of chronic pain, and Oh My Lord I was flying on cloud 9, and loved every second of it. I ate so much lol, I was pain free <3 ever since that day that it worked, and I could freely work with my grandmother without taking breaks because of my back hurting all the time. Every time I bent over or started sweeping I just was put in tears, but with weed… It was amazing I barely feel any pain whatsoever. I am very thankful of this plant and I am also very thankful for the man upstairs that let me live my life pain free. I will always support cannabis and it would be amazing here just to walk down the road and buy from a dispensary. I hope the government realizes this and the citizens of our state do as well. [Oh SB 7 Please be passed] I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope your day goes amazing.