22 year old college graduate

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I’m 22 years old and I just graduated from college. I lost my dad to suicide when I was 12 and moved here from California. Since then I have been battling with depression. I have scoliosis which gives me severe pain in my lower back and sciatic. I recently got arrested for having pot on my persons and was sent to jail for 2 hours in Forsyth county. I don’t believe that Forsyth cops have anything better to do than criminalize young people. I’m prescribed an anti-depressant and tons of pain killers which neither of them work. The cop actually had the nerve to tell me I had a drug problem (I wasn’t under the influence of anything), when in reality people my age are OD’ing on heroin left and right. All they want to do is hide the heroin overdoses so they can sell people on their “perfect” county. I hate taking pills. I wish I could be prescribed weed for my depression, insomnia, chronic back pain, and nausea but I fear that will never happen because Georgia cares way too much about money. Legalize pot and what happens? The cops can’t bust the kids and the kids’ parent’s money can’t go towards the lawyers, probation officers, classes, judges, and prosecutors. They claim to be “helping us” when in reality all it does is make our life a living hell and impossible for us to become employed. If you want to help us, legalize pot and find the SOB’s selling heroin and other hard drugs that can ACTUALLY HARM you.