We should be able to grow our own medicine
“I am an advocate of legalization of Marijuana in the State of Georgia. How long will it take for our government to unleash itself from the drug companies? It breaks my heart that we are reduced to having to consume the poison from the pharmaceutical... Keep Reading
I’m no “good ole boy”
“Prohibition cost my family 10k over 20 years ago!! All because I smoked a joint in my own home, when my kids were not even home!! I opened the door and saw the Sheriff car, and instinctively closed the door back and ran away from... Keep Reading
Illegally healed
“Back in Jan. I found out that I had cancer in my uterus.  I heard that smoking marijuana would help it go down or maybe even make it go away so I got some and tried it now it’s the middle of March and I... Keep Reading
I got caught like so many others
“In recent years I have discovered the medical side effects (benefits) of marijuana. My sophomore year I started eating edibles, and smoking just to try it out. I heard it was something that would help my pre-existing medically diagnosed anxiety disorder. I don’t like to... Keep Reading
Let America Exhale
“From Bill Clinton’s “I didn’t inhale it” through George W. Bush’s “I was young and foolish” to Barack Obama’s teen years in the Choom Gang (“I inhaled frequently—that was the point”), the last three presidents have more or less owned up to breaking America’s drug... Keep Reading
Cannabis helps me be a productive member of society
“I have been affected by quadriplegia from a traumatic neck injury since 2006. After that, I completed a BSBE at UGA and I am now a rising software developer for a large international company. Medical Marijuana has been one the most effective medicines against my... Keep Reading
Cannabis allows me to feel human again
“I have suffered from mixed migraines since I was 17. These are debilitating and often cause me to lose a few days to each one. I also have chronic pain due to domestic abuse as a child and an adult. I take large amounts of... Keep Reading
I am a Sunday school teacher that found a miracle herb
“Hi, I’m a 32 year old mother of 3, Sunday school teacher, community volunteer, journalist and I have MS….I have never broken the law outside of speeding at times, until a few months ago. Diagnosed at 25 with ms after losing my vision, and relapse,... Keep Reading
I am running for Mayor
“Hello I am a born again child of God, I accepted Christ at 13, I began smoking pot at 15 after my mom and dad divorced. My path allowed me to discover cannabis. I was called somewhere around 14 to be a missionary. Well man... Keep Reading
I like smoking marijuana to relax
“I don’t feel that marijuana is bad for you. I see it as beer, I love smoking marijuana as much as my buddie likes drinking beer. I liked to smoke marijuana after work to relax a lot faster and before I go to bed. I... Keep Reading
I hope I don’t end up in the poor house
“I am a sufferer of crohn’s and severe chronic neck pain that only oxycodone and fentanyl can minimize my pain to make life even worth living. And with my crohn’s disease I am on remicade which makes me afraid of loosing my job for any... Keep Reading
Do doctors really know what they are doing?
“I am only 19 years old and I suffer from manic depressive disorder, psychosis, and endometriosis. I have been prescribed over twenty different medications, which made me too “zombi-fied” to go about daily situations. And eventually, I became immune to each of my medications, having... Keep Reading
I am a Christian woman but I believe in marijuana
“I am hepatitis c positive, I also have had grand mal seizures since I was 17, I am now 44. I got put on seizure medication and they got worse. So I took it upon myself and started smoking marijuana and stopped the doctors medications.... Keep Reading
I thought families mattered to our elected officials
“I have lived in Georgia for the past 8 years. I suffer from chronic pain and have complex migraines at least 20 days a month and suffer from absence seizures . I take 22 different medications a day. I am unable to drive or leave... Keep Reading
I am an RN and I have a few questions
“I am 65 years old and was a registered nurse until two years ago when I was forced tore tire early due to multiple health problems. I have been diagnosed with a degenerative arthritis which is destroying my joints such as knees and hip and... Keep Reading
I use marijuana to lower my blood pressure
“I have smoked marijuana for my blood pressure for about 4 years. It prevents me from crossing over into hypertension and for that, this is obviously proven to be much more than a gateway drug. In fact, while most politicians are calling this a gateway... Keep Reading
It’s not the government’s place to prohibit a natural treatment that is recommended by my physician
“I’m a 32 year old healthcare professional. Nearly eight years ago I was ejected from an overturned vehicle, I suffered over 20 fractures down my spine, along with countless other injuries. I have lived with chronic pain ever since. I was been prescribed (morphine) MS... Keep Reading
My job won’t allow use of cannabis
“I have smoked marijuana regularly for 20 years and never had any medical problems.  I quit 3 years ago and recently had kidney stones which lead doctors to find cancer on my kidneys , was very small probably haven’t had it long , Wish I... Keep Reading
It should be legal in every State
“I moved here from Louisiana 2 yrs ago, due to chronic pain, I had moved to Oklahoma for better pain management, just didn’t know what I was getting into, I ended up with a medtronic pain pump full of 10 mg morphine, every 4 hours... Keep Reading
I found the miracle I was looking for
“I have severe TMJ caused by grinding my teeth at night. I have spent an enormous about of money on mouth guards and doctors appointment with no luck at easing my condition. I can smoke marijuana before bed, though, and I do not grind my... Keep Reading
I am not a criminal either
“In september, 2014 I suffered a horrific gunshot wound to the calf area of my leg. Because of my wound I was prescribed oxycodone for pain relief. It is now january 2015 and although my wound has closed up, i still experience chronic pain in... Keep Reading
I need to be closer to my family
“I am a medical marijuana patient in the state of California. I suffer from lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, Lyme’s disease and Sjogren’s syndrome. I use cannabis to help deal with my symptoms. I was a resident of Georgia for 10 years. I lived in Smyrna and... Keep Reading
Marijuana make the pain stop
“I am a 22 year old woman suffering from Glaucoma. I used to be employed by Moviestop, a relatively small but growing business in the Southwestern part of the states and I recently lost my job and my promotion into management due to failing a... Keep Reading
I was taught that smoking weed was bad
“I am a lifetime resident of Georgia. As I grew up I was taught that smoking weed was one of the worst things you could do to yourself. As if it were meth or heroine. As I became older and more independent, I smoked with... Keep Reading
Pleading for Medical marijuana to be legal
“I have suffered from IBS for 7 years now. I have been on numerous medicines that have failed to treat my symptoms. I go to work and come home and go to bed and stay there until i have to go back to work. Over... Keep Reading
I am a successful citizen
“We have all been told by our federal and state government that marijuana kills, is terrible for our health, leads to usage of drugs like meth, heroin, and cocaine, turns us into lazy, mind-numbed citizens, and users are often stereotyped as “lazy, brain-numbed, unmotivated citizens.”... Keep Reading
I went to Colorado
“I have had adhd all my life. I have taken both adderall and ritalin trying to control symptoms. I have spent the last 6 months in Colorado experimenting with cannabis and have found that low doses help me concentrate and focus. I appreciate the fact... Keep Reading
22 Veterans a day are committing suicide
“I am a combat veteran suffering from chronic pain from injuries suffered in combat as well as suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. I can see the negative views of legalizing marijuana in Georgia, but I ask congress to understand there are many positives to... Keep Reading
What our government is doing is a travesty
“I am 38 I have high blood pressure Diabetes(insulin 5 times a day 1 herniated(C-2) 1 ruptured(C-3) disc in my neck, also 2 herniated discs(L4-5 L5-s1) Degenerative disc . Glaucoma runs in my family my contacts are -10 left -11 right. I was born and... Keep Reading
The hardest part is finding it
“I have a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and focus and fatigue are my biggest symptoms. Marijuana taken for these symptoms has a instant improvement. I don’t smoke to get high, just as the Dr. prescribes a pill and a half a day or 1 pill... Keep Reading
I can’t smoke but edibles are my medicine
“In 2006 I was diagnosed with Lupus and Scleroderma. I was in excruciating widespread migratory pain. An MRI revealed degenerating discs in my lower & upper back & neck causing even more pain of a different kind. A friend with a daughter with Lupus recommended... Keep Reading
Legalize Georgia
“Where do i start off my testimony? Starts a lil like i was 13 when i started smoking marijuana socially . Over the years i realized that it helps me with my pain in my arm where it has been broke 2 times in the... Keep Reading
I am not a criminal
“Ever since I was a child I’ve always had trouble sleeping. I’d toss and turn all night, never being able to clear my mind enough to sleep. A friend of my suggested smoking as a way to help relax my body and prepare it for... Keep Reading
The penalties are too harsh
“I was injured during training in the army I received a spinal injury to neck med and lower back causing muscle spasms also I could have a auto disease from a vaccine for anthrax. I’m 43 and feel 80, no pain med helps and most... Keep Reading
I was the victim of a front-end collision
“April 25, 1997, I was the victim of a front-end collision with a Ford NS8000. The only thing larger is the Ford Tractor/Trailer combo. It’s larger than a dump truck, as it was used to haul pipes. I was a social worker and had three... Keep Reading
Cannabis does not pose a threat
“I suffer from a genetic neurological disease called neurofibromatosis, which causes severe nerve pain and debilitating muscle spasms. There is currently no cure for my condition and it will worsen with time. My muscle spasms are currently being treated by narcotics and my nerve pain... Keep Reading
I joined NORML is 1976 and I am still fighting with them
“My story is a simple one. It begins in in 1962 when I was 5 years old. My father came home from WWII in 1946 after spending 4 years in the jungles fighting the Japanese during the island hopping campaigns. He had terrible nightmares, drank... Keep Reading
We should be able to grow our own medicine
“I have Fibromyalgia, which also causes Migraines,severe muscle spasms,no sleep, Acid reflux, IBS,bladder spasms, arthritis, bunions, have also had my appendix out, 5 hernias surgeries ,gallbladder surgery ,3 c-sections and a hysterectomy. My Neurologist said I would be a good candidate for Cannabis for Migraines.... Keep Reading
Georgia needs safe access
“I have been suffering from fibromyalgia for the last 15 years. I was going to a pain clinic, because that is what my doctor wanted. I had to go through the embarrassment of quarterly drug tests that my insurance and I had to pay for.... Keep Reading
I became an activist
“I started having severe anxiety and panic attacks when I was 9 years old. I had to quit school when I was 16 because the panic attacks were so bad. I started seeing a shrink at the age of 16 and was put on xanax... Keep Reading
To many of us it is ALL about living or dying
“I had always been there for my daughter but on the day she moved into her dorm freshman year, I could not. Instead I was 4 hrs away at Emory Univ Hosp starting what would be a 32 day extended stay after surgery that removed... Keep Reading
Thank goodness we have the means to help our child
“My oldest child was diagnosed with an immune disorder after receiving vaccinations at a young age. The effects of the disease were horrible, and the preferred treatments the doctors wanted to bombarded my child’s body with had some horrible side effects. My wife and I... Keep Reading
It is time to legalize already.
“People Need to realize that marIjuana is not as harmful as alcohol, it heals, it can change lives. It’s time for Georgia to get on board with this. We are seeing a change of public view on marijuana across the nation. for heck’s sake the... Keep Reading
TBI victims can be helped with the cannabis plant
“I am the survivor of a traumatic brain injury back in 1996. I spent over five weeks in a coma and when I awoke, I didn’t even know who or what I was. As a result of the neurological damage, I experience muscle spasms on... Keep Reading
Please Georgia elected officials, we need this to be about us and our doctors.
“It all started when I was 16. I was a perfectly healthy kid. I was very active. Played sports on the weekend’s with my friends, worked at my job as much as I could, and even marched in the band in high school. Towards the... Keep Reading
We need a full medical marijuana program for Georgia patients
“Medical Marijuana should be legal here in GA because it has HELPED M A N Y people who are suffering from DIFFERENT kinds of diseases(HARMFUL DISEASES PEOPLE). Medical marijuana isn’t a bad idea to have here in our state. I live in Savannah, GA and... Keep Reading
Letter to Rep. Allen Peake
“As someone currently being treated for Bipolar I Disorder, I would like to personally relate my experiences. As with many disorders of the mind, every day is a challenge to regain balance and live a productive life. In the past, when I was unaware of... Keep Reading
Marijuana helps me live life
“I’ve been having seizures since 2007. I have over 160 seizures a day. I’m a diabetic.  I had several strokes.  Smoking marijuana to help with my problems, I’ve been doing a whole lot better. I have not even had a seizure.  I’m not tired out... Keep Reading
I can’t wait anymore for Georgia to do what is right
“I had a traumatic childhood and now have severe mental challenges as a result. I suffer with PTSD, depression and anxiety. I have been on every conceivable pill out there. All have had very bad side affects, including two seizures and “brain zaps”, suicidal thoughts.... Keep Reading
A Swat team pointed guns at my children looking for marijuana
“Almost 9 years ago our home was raided by the local drug task force. My 19 year old daughter was pulled out of bed with a gun to her head and the entire house was searched. After 2 hours they found 1.5 grams of cannabis,... Keep Reading
Growing up my house was always chaotic
“Growing up my house was always chaotic. My dad, who served 30 years in the military, had PTSD so bad that he never made it through a day without having a melt down. Families helping loved ones deal with PTSD will tell you that’s a... Keep Reading
“I was 15 when I started getting depressed about random events in my life. Everyday it got harder, and harder to bare with everything that was going on around me. I went to a friends house one weekend, and he said he had bought weed... Keep Reading
$10 worth of marijuana cost me $1827
“I am a 26 year old female who had a major stroke at 21.. Thankfully I am for the most part okay, however I have constant muscle spasms on my left side of my body. So far I have been prescribed baclofen which is a... Keep Reading
I am older and it is hard to procure cannabis
“Doctors found tumors in my bladder 3 yrs ago removed them but they came back less than a year later. I went thru 6 weeks of chemo inside my bladder I have scopes done every 3 months with great pain.  A friend said I should... Keep Reading
I have sickle cell, cannabis helps me be a present mom
“Usually, I wouldn’t get involved in matters like these, but I do have an opinion I’d like to share. In 2012, while I was pregnant and even after, I started having complications with my body. I had horrible pain and fatigue everywhere on my body... Keep Reading
A friend turned me onto marijuana
“Hi, I’m 19 and have been battling with bipolar disorder since I was 14, pills sometimes help and the counseling only goes so far till I want to fight.  When I turned 18 my family threw me a  birthday party and of course there was... Keep Reading
I am 74 years old and I smoke marijuana everyday
“I have been diagnosed with severe clinical depression since mid 60,s .hospitalized 3 times in Ga. Regional. 6 times on mental wards with stays from 1 to 6 weeks at a time. 2 suicide attempts. First time they almost didn’t get my heart beating again.... Keep Reading
Marijuana isn’t a bad thing
“Hi Y’all! I’m Maggie, but I go by Maggie Mae. I was born and raised in Georgia and I lived here all my life. My mom is a republican, while my dad is a democrat. I told my mother the other day that Georgia passed... Keep Reading
My brother went to jail for helping his wife and others, but said he would do it again
“My sister in law was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 21. It was horrible. I won’t go into the details of that I will just say again what she endured was horrible. The only thing that helped during all the treatments was smoking... Keep Reading
Smoking marijuana has never put my life in danger
“In my opinion marijuana is only as harmful as you make it. Your intention of the drug correlates to your behavior after receiving this substance. In my opinion, there are a lot of other drugs sold in the U.S that are more harmful than marijuana.... Keep Reading
Cannabis relieved my eye pressure when nothing else would
“I have been diagnosed with Glaucoma for over 10 years. The pressure in my eyes have not been under 20 in years. I experimented with my drops which I put three different drops in my eye three to four times a day. I smoked Marijuana... Keep Reading
My psychiatrist recommended marijuana and it changed my life
“I was raised to be against marijuana so when my Psychiatrist recommended I try medical marijuana for my pain, anxiety, racing thoughts, and insomnia I was skeptical. I tried Indica at first and it helped my pain but not my mental problems. My 18 yr... Keep Reading
Roadblock landed me in jail and I lost my job, now what?
“I was driving around with a friend of mine from work because we had weekends off and we was just chillin and cruisin  Well in April 17,2015 their was a road block and i had a sticker on my my back window that said “Legalize... Keep Reading
I woke up paralyzed and with the help of Shepherd and my secret use of cannabis I am walking again
“On May first 2012 I woke up with little to no feeling or movement from my waist down. I woke up thinking my legs were asleep, tried to get up and fell to the floor. A few hours later and I could hardly move my... Keep Reading
We need full plant therapies
“At 32, I feel from limited personal experience that marijuana is an effective antidote to clinical depression as well as menstrual pain. From the experiences of others, I also feel it is an effective antidote to many additional disorders as well as a useful tool... Keep Reading
Please help by supporting reform
“I am currently taking several medications for my osteoarthritis and pinched nerves bulging discs along with interstitial cystitis and severe migraines. If medical marijuana was passed I could live a normal life without the possibilities of severe withdrawals when I run out of my medication.... Keep Reading
Please stop being so ignorant and give this beautiful plant a chance
“I can honestly say that marijuana has helped with my type one diabetes. I have doctors orders to eat three meals a day and a snack just about two hours after I eat. All I do is eat and I’m never hungry. I’ve never had... Keep Reading
I have been using marijuana now for 2 years and now I have a Life!!!!!!
“I have suffered from ulcerative colitis for more than 15 years. I’ve been through every type of drug you can dream of, pain meds ,antibiotics,antidepressants,all which never worked!!. Just covered the the problems up. I have been using marijuana now for 2 years and now... Keep Reading
I am a Christian woman but I believe in marijuana
“I am hepatitis c positive, I also have had grand mal seizures since I was 17, I am now 44. I got put on seizure medication and they got worse. So I took it upon myself and started smoking marijuana and stopped the doctors medications.... Keep Reading
God knows what he is doing
“I have bouts of depression, insomnia, bad nerves (i call them the shakes because my hands shake real bad), and severe pain during “that time of the month”, I also have a genetic disorder called ectodermal dysplasia that, among other things, affects my ability to... Keep Reading
I’m here, I’m happy, and I’m alive
“Hello, my name is Anna. I’m 17 and would love to share my story. I hope they legalize cannabis very soon to help others. Cannabis helps a lot of medical problems, and some not so medical problems. I started smoking cannabis when I was 13.... Keep Reading
Legalization would change my life. It would give me a peace of mind.
“I have suffered with serious insomnia for the last 5 years. It was so bad that just getting an hour of sleep a night was a pain. This of course caused me to be irritable, effecting my familial and romantic relationships. It negatively impacted my... Keep Reading
Cannabis helps my ulcerative colitis flares
“I have suffered with ulcerative colitis flares (similar to crohn’s) in my lower digestive tract for over 10 years. During a flare the open sores in my colon will bring severe pain. I was on a regimen of RX drugs to reduce inflammation of the... Keep Reading
Cannabis is truly a blessing
“I suffer from ptsd, severe anxiety, depression, and severe back injuries. After getting medically retired from the military it was suggested for me to try it because of my condition. Surprisingly it has helped a lot. It calms my spasms. Eases the pain and helps... Keep Reading
Moms is afraid to put anyone at risk to get what helps her
“Fair warning: This is not a happy story. There is no happy ending. I’m submitting this as an example of someone that could have been helped by Haleigh’s Hope Act. She is not eligible for Medical Marijuana. The removal of fibromyalgia from the list of... Keep Reading
Army Veteran finds relief
“Well to start, I’m a Army Veteran, and i find it very interesting why our country and government will allow me to have prescriptions of medicine in pill form that was created by people who are “practicing” medicine. but will kick me out of the... Keep Reading
I can’t stay in a State that doesn’t see a miracle when it’s upon them.
“Hello, i would like to remain anonymous about this but i would like to tell my story. If it even reaches and helps someone I will be happy. I have had depression issues ever since i was 14. I had social anxiety. I didn’t feel... Keep Reading
Wake Up Georgia
“I have had 3 strokes, 4 to 5 seizures a day , high blood pressure , sleep disorder, joint pain , nervous disorder. Since I started trying marijuana my doctor has taken me off of my blood pressure med. and cut me back on pain... Keep Reading
A trip to Colorado showed us the truth
“My sister is 17 year old and suffering from brain tumors. She was born with it. We personally took all the medications possible including pills, injections and hospital visits almost 3 to 5 times a week. Then my father and my sister went to Colorado... Keep Reading
Cannabis keeps this Veteran from killing myself
“The VA has tried over 3 years to pump me with medicine but nothing has worked and they all made me sick. I smoke marijuana now and my day to day life has improved or tolerable. I went to Iraq and Afghanistan and I have... Keep Reading
A tag light violation has taught me that lying is better than telling the truth
“I was pulled over for a tag light being out. I was thankful for the notice. before the officer left my window he asked me, “do you have anything else in the car I should know about weapons, drugs, etc.?” I’m an honest person. I... Keep Reading
Cannabis is the exit drug
“My name is Stranger, I am a 51 year old, white/native male that lives in the West Georgia area. I suffer from anxiety/depression, chronic pain, a rare disease, and problems from a traumatic childhood. Raised by an abusive, alcoholic mother, the environment was always loud,chaotic,... Keep Reading
My promise to my family is I will die trying to have marijuana legal
“I am 41. Its been a rough battle. I’m sure you all have experienced the I can’t do this am I go pass away or wake up and not be able to remember these beautiful gifts from God! I went from soccer mom to my... Keep Reading
It is time to legalize
“I think GA should legalize marijuana to the citizens because it will relieve stress to them and help people through there worst times.  It make you feel a lot better so in my belief I thank GA should legalize marijuana.”
It is time to end Prohibition again
“I want to talk briefly about how cannabis has benefited both my life and the life of a friend. I am a Georgia resident who has been using marijuana medicinally since college about 10 years ago. I found that, unlike alcohol, marijuana helps with both... Keep Reading
Retired Teacher needs your help
“I am a 61 year old female and recently retired teacher. I have RA, fibromyalgia, osteoarthristis, Crohns, etc. Marijuana helps a lot with my pain. In 1993, I was first diagnosed with Crohn’s and endured frequent painful “attacks” and fatigue. I hated the meds/steroids and... Keep Reading
I suffer and have a new baby, It is time for Georgia to help me
“I have suffered from sever mood changes for years now and after I had my daughter not only did I have sever pain in my back, but I had a pre existing injury in my hip that made it much, much worse. Also, i have... Keep Reading
Thc stops my suffering
“I suffer from depression, anxiety, and non-combat PTSD. I have lived with it for the vast majority of my life and tried a number of different treatments ranging from support groups to anti-depressants. THC, in my experience, is that only thing that makes me feel... Keep Reading
The cops came in and took away my big brother to jail for .5 grams
“I smoke green myself not everyday but occasionally but my worst story of the war on drugs was when I was 15 are 16 and the DTF come to my house in White Co georgia with a warrant they said, but never did show a... Keep Reading
I call bullshit
“I personally smoked a lot of marijuana in my late teens and early twenties. I did not drink alcohol when I was under 21 very frequently. Now that I’m older I drink a lot of alcohol and because marijuana is still illegal I have no... Keep Reading
Marijuana calms my anger issues
“I’ve struggled with violent fits of depression for a long time, however, in my family, depression is never something to complain about. They believe that it’s normal to have your “moments” in life, but after I started smoking at the age of 13, I stopped... Keep Reading
Marijuana is safer than opioids
“Hello, I would like to not only share my testimony but very willing and want to be able to testify for legalization of marijuana for more than the small subset currently for GA. I have had multiple surgeries which require high doses of oxycodone (4... Keep Reading
My friend was a zombie before a friend gave him marijuana
“This is not my story but a story from a fellow friend Jeremy. An 18-year-old looking at a professional baseball career but on his 18th birthday his friend was driving him because he got too drunk and Jeremy started throwing up out the back seat... Keep Reading
Why am I a criminal if I want to help my wife?
“My wife has group four CMT. It is a genetic disease that is non treatable and non curable. The disease cause sever pain and mobility control in her extremities. The meds that the neurologist prescribed causes side effects that require her to have constant supervision.... Keep Reading
My husband is a Vet with Ptsd
“My husband’s unit accompanied the 1st and second division of marines in the initial attacks in 2004 on Ramadi and Fallujah in Iraq. As a result, he suffers from PTSD. He is now a resident of Laurens county GA. His doctors at the VA have... Keep Reading
22 year old college graduate
“I’m 22 years old and I just graduated from college. I lost my dad to suicide when I was 12 and moved here from California. Since then I have been battling with depression. I have scoliosis which gives me severe pain in my lower back... Keep Reading
Medical marijuana should be legal NOW
“Medical Marijuana should be legal here in GA because it’s HELPED M A N Y people who are suffering from DIFFERENT kinds of diseases(HARMFUL DISEASES PEOPLE). Medical marijuana isn’t a bad idea to have here in our state. I live in Savannah, GA and we... Keep Reading
66 year old disabled retired epileptic
“I am currently a defendant in Gwinnett County for cultivation at my house. I am a 66 yr. old disabled, retired epileptic. I have a suppression hearing on May 27. My attorney has now informed me that he is leaving his firm and going to... Keep Reading
Cannabis has saved my life
“I am a proud father, Veteran and Cannabis patient and advocate. I have used Cannabis since I was 12 years old as an alternative form of self medication. I proudly served my country during two tours in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, and... Keep Reading
Sick of opiates
“I made so many comments in many forum and doctors I’m all over Internet I’m in Augusta ga I have serious chronic pain,liver issue 3years liver treatment and might be back sick of it all opiates,pain meds,injection shots chemo meds I had enough I try... Keep Reading
I take 22 medications a day. I may have to move
“I have lived in Georgia for the past 8 years. I suffer from chronic pain and have complex migraines at least 20 days a month and suffer from absence seizures . I take 22 different medications a day. I am unable to drive or leave... Keep Reading
I want to decide for myself at my age
“I suffer from several problems which have me on 14-15 medications. With the use of Cannabis I could get off most of them. However THC/CBD Terpenes all would be needed .The CBD oil with 5%Thc would be a start. But those of us that understand... Keep Reading
Registered Nurse
“I am 65 years old and was a registered nurse until two years ago when I was forced to retire early due to multiple health problems. I have been diagnosed with a degenerative arthritis which is destroying my joints such as knees and hip and... Keep Reading
I suffer with severe migraines
“I’ve had severe migraines since i started my early years of school. I tried smoking pot when i was 15 and it helps my migraines tremendously! I stand up for legalization of marijuana both recreational and medical. I know georgia passed this for cannabis oil... Keep Reading
A Vietnam Vet With PTSD
“Vietnam vet, smoked since 1969 never broke other laws never hurt anyone can’t sleep or eat without it. When upset marijuana always calms me so I can cope with my true feelings, and the thing I learned in combat that no one can explain unless... Keep Reading
Medical Cannabis and Fibromyalgia
“I suffer from fibromyalgia, it consists of severe muscle spasms in my whole body. IBS, IC,arthritist, acid reflux, migraines, bunions, have had several surgeries that cause a lot of scar tissue to grow on nerves that cause pain. I had 5 hernias surgery, appendix surgery, gall... Keep Reading
60 Years Old, Fed Up and Pissed Off
“My story is not a story, but facts. I have worn a prosthetic eye for 52 years which by now is very stressful, discomforting and is mostly a very depressing situation for me and always has been, if not down right irritating much of the... Keep Reading
Cannabis is the Only Thing That Eases Her Pain
“I am 25 and have severe back issues, my pain makes it almost impossible to clean my home without being in agonizing pain that shoots from my lower back into my right leg and hip and then I lose my footing from my weak leg... Keep Reading
Who’s going to feed my family if I go to prison?
“I was recently serve a warrant on November 6th 2014 by G.B.I., Appalachian drug task force and Banks county sheriff’s department to search my home but first I was pulled over on my way to work they searched my vehicle and found nothing and then... Keep Reading
Job Prospects Ruined Over Marijuana Arrest
“Got busted in 1990, haven’t been able to get good jobs since and marijuana is not near as dangerous as alcohol and cigarettes the legal drug we buy at almost every store, go figure. Not only those things, look at the prisons for profit that... Keep Reading
I Suffer Daily Because the Medication I Need is Illegal
“I have battled with anxiety and depression and even attempted suicide throughout my life. This has made me a guinea pig for all sorts of medications some that have caused severe affects. I have chosen to smoke marijuana instead because it actually helps my problems... Keep Reading
Without Marijuana a Labotamy Was Their Son’s Only Hope
“After surviving childhood, (my father was an abusive alcoholic, my step father was verbally abusive and my mom used whomever she needed to get what she wanted), I regularly smoked Marijuana as a teenager and into my middle twenties and without it I don’t know... Keep Reading
An Overwhelming Fear of Arrest
“I suffer from not only type 1 diabetes, but also severe OCD and generalized anxiety disorder. Marijuana has improved my quality of life greatly in that it gets rid of my anxiety and helps deal with my OCD more than any other medicine I’ve tried.... Keep Reading
Arrested Over and Over for Failing Probation Drug Tests
“I have battled with anxiety and depression and even attempted suicide throughout my life. This has made me a guinea pig for all sorts of medications some that have caused severe affects. I have chosen to smoke marijuana instead because it actually helps my problems... Keep Reading
No Relief for Her Autistic Son
“I would love the ability to let my son try Cannabis medicine. He is 9 years old and Autistic. In reading about the effects on other Autistic children I believe it would help with his aggressive behaviors (hitting himself and others). I do not believe... Keep Reading

Enforcing marijuana prohibition costs US taxpayers an estimated $10 billion annually and results in the arrest of more than 693,000 individuals per year — far more than the total number of arrestees for all violent crimes combined, including murder, rape, robbery and aggravated assault. In Georgia punishment is particularly harsh for those that use and possess marijuana.

Approximately 35,000 people are arrested in Georgia every year for marijuana. Many of those arrested lose their jobs, their homes and their scholarships based simply on a misdemeanor marijuana conviction. Even more alarming is the number of Georgians convicted of marijuana possession who are forced to fund our state’s corrupt private probation system, often pushing them further and further down the economic ladder after being strapped with excessive probation management fees.


It is impossible for us to get our message across without being able to show examples of how marijuana prohibition has affected the lives of ordinary Georgians. We are interested in hearing your story. We want to know how marijuana prohibition has had an impact on your life. Whether you are the victim of an overzealous criminal justice system or forced to become a criminal in order to use marijuana to treat a medical condition, we want to know how the continued criminalization in Georgia has altered your everyday life.

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