Let America Exhale

On occasion you read something that you receive anonymously that is so well written that it must be shared.  I am sharing this today for you all to read, without credit to the author as he wished to be anonymous and I will always protect those who want the protection.  I will be reaching out to him to ask him

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Is Georgia’s latest Medical Cannabis Bill progress, or just a bigger empty box?

On March 30th,  the last day of the Georgia Legislative session,  the Senate voted 45 to 6 to pass SB 16 to further amend and expand Haliegh’s Hope Act (HB 1) signed by Gov. Deal April 16 2015. If signed by the Governor, this bill would add Tourette’s syndrome, Autism, Epidermolysis bullosa, Alzheimer’s disease, AIDs, Peripheral neuropathy and patients in

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