Daniel Almond House District 159 Republican Candidate supports cannabis legalization

Daniel Almond 3

  Hi, I’m Daniel Almond, and I’m running for the Georgia General Assembly seat 159 in the Republican Primary. I support full cannabis Continue Reading

Peachtree NORML and SSDP Summit


SSDP – NORML Summit This weekend NORML hosted a group of brilliant college students from Students for Sensible Drug Policy at a summit in Dahlonega GA. We had great food and great conversation. The framework of a model to employ across the state in now in place. First, we’ll be […]

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We have officially declared war on the “war on drugs.”


Today could be a pivotal day in ending prohibition once and for all.  It is a rally call of sorts and the citizens of this country are wondering what took so long. The line in the sand is being drawn today at 4:30 est.  Prohibitionist are being challenged in Federal […]

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Senate appropriations committee votes to end DEA interference with Medical marijuana state laws

Senator M (D-MD)

  In a historic vote today.  The Senate Appropriations committee voted 21-9 to approve an amendment put up by Senator Mikulski (D-MD) to protect state medical marijuana laws.  This amendment is the companion to one that passed last week in the House 242-186, sponsored by Rep Rohrabacher (R-CA) and Rep […]

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Hemp History Week With Peachtree NORML


Thanks to everyone that came to the meeting at Manules Tavern for our June meeting celebrating Hemp History Week. Lots of good information was shared and examples of hemp products and their many uses. Thanks to Dr. Bronners’s and Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Company for the samples they shared with […]

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