No, marijuana use doesn’t lower your IQ

A woman uses a electronic vaporizers with cannabidiol (CBD)-rich hemp oil while attending the International Cannabis Association Convention in New York, October 12, 2014. REUTERS/Eduardo Munoz

Another study that has been used as evidence against marijuana reform has been debunked. The study used and quoted by Kevin Sabet and Patrick Kennedy Continue Reading

POLL: Should Colorado ban pot-infused edibles?

Marijuana Edibles

Colorado has started another national debate on edible marijuana products. The concern is coming from a few cases of children showing up in the ER after having ingested an edible marijuana product. (it’s unclear if these were home-made or retail) Colorado has since backtracked on its decision to ban edibles stating, ” The horse is […]

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Peake’s new medical marijuana proposal taking shape


This needs to be passed on and discussed but it seems the committee on the study of medical marijuana has already reached a conclusion. I’ve never been a fan of Peake or any politician that uses a serious issue to promote his/her own advancement and agenda, especially using children. I am also not a fan […]

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Rally at University of North Georgia Gwinnett 10/16/2014

rally at University of North Georgia Gwinnett on 10-16-14

Peachtree NORML, SSDP and other Groups Tabled the Rally at UNG. Met a Lot of Great People & Had a Great Time.

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Rally for David Hooks in Dublin GA 10/13/2014

rally for david hooks 10-13-14 in Dublin, Georgia

A Rally for a Grandpa Killed by Police During a Drug Raid Based on a Tip by a Burglary Suspect.

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