Georgia’s Most Powerful Weapon Against the War on Drugs—The Jury

Georgia jury procedures

In August of 1735, New York printer John Peter Zenger found himself on trial for the charge of  "seditious libel against his Majesty's government" for Continue Reading

Medical Marijuana in Georgia? Don’t hold your breath

Georgia Regents University, Augusta, Georgia 11/12/14

By Dean Sines and Raoul Duke III When it comes to medical marijuana in Georgia, it appears that the patients may be on the back burner. When the Study Committee on Prescription Medical Cannabis for Serious Medical Conditions held their most recent Joint Study Committee Hearing in Augusta, Georgia on November 12, the topic of […]

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Dr. Uma Dhanabalan speaks to Georgia about Medical Cannabis

Southern Cannabis Reform Conference II
Mothers, Doctors and Cops coalition

James Bell of GA CARE interviewed Dr. Uma Dhanabalan at her home in Georgia a few months ago to get at the truth about medical marijuana.   Thanks to GA CARE for the professional production.  You can view it here on youtube .  Please like it, leave a comment and most importantly share it with […]

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Dear Florida: You Have Been Duped

Medical marijuana patient nursing home

Florida, can we talk? We’ve known each other for a long, long time. I remember growing up just thirty minutes away from you, constantly begging my parents to take me to see your sandy-white beaches each and every year. I remember spending my summers marveling at the size of the catfish you were able to grow […]

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Did you know doctors prescribe marijuana in Georgia every day?

Marijuana extract

Were you aware that physicians all over Georgia prescribe medical marijuana to patients? Of course, since marijuana is still considered a dangerous substance by our government it’s not really a prescription so much as it is a recommendation, but the fact remains that patients all over Georgia hear the same thing from their physicians over […]

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