Georgia families risk fines in resupplying medical marijuana


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Photo Gallery: Homegrown Hip Hop 420 Bash at the Masquerade

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Governor Deal signs HB1 into law in Georgia

Pure Joy!

Today Georgia’s Governor Nathan Deal signed into law HB1 , the Hayleigh’s Hope law.  A limited form of low thc/high cbd oil for a short list of patients in Georgia is now legal to possess.  Although patients will have to rely on outside of the state sources for this very specialized oil […]

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Peachtree NORML Student memberships $4.20 on 4/20


In an effort to bring more young people into the fight for policy reform, memberships will be offered for students on April 20th for the low price of $4.20. Young people, are the generation most affected by the draconian marijuana laws in Georgia.  Students have a large stake in securing sensible marijuana […]

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A Letter from a mmj patient

It is often that others don’t understand the frustration of patients and their families.  We are told in many southern states there is a choice of breaking federal or state laws. Moving to a more compassionate state, or staying to suffer based on your zip code.   People from all over the southeast […]

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