How big pharma’s money stopped medical marijuana in Georgia


Editor's Note: This Better Georgia article draws a straight line from the pharmaceutical industry to Georgia politicians, most noticeably embattled Continue Reading

Legal recreational marijuana could bring Georgia $73M


As Georgia loses taxpaying families, educators for our schools and HOPE scholarship funds Georgia may want to re think their position on this issue. Like it or not marijuana is here to stay. It’s time to get it out of our schools and behind a counter were you must show id to purchase it. The […]

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New Hampshire Man Acquitted Of Marijuana Charges Through Jury Nullification


Editor’s note: Although this case is now over two years old, it showcases the power citizens have through the jury nullification process. A New Hampshire Rastafarian facing felony marijuana cultivation charges was declared not guilty on Friday because a jury believed that punishing him for the offense would be unjust. 59-year-old Doug Darrell was arrested […]

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Realm of Caring Announces Charlotte’s Web to be Shipped to All 50 US States


Families on Realm of Caring’s out-of-state wait list received emails this week that Charlotte’s Web Hemp Oil™ will now be available for shipping to all 50 states. The email from Realm of Caring (RoC) explains that the Charlotte’s Web product they will be shipping falls within the federally acceptable limit of less than .3% THC […]

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TV Reporter Makes Unbelievable Exit On Air: ‘F*ck It, I Quit’


Local Anchorage reporter Charlo Greene has decided to leave her job as a newswoman to focus on legalizing marijuana in Alaska. OK, you’re thinking, nothing too interesting there. But the way she decided to leave her job was absolutely, positively spectacular. After reporting a segment on pot on Sunday night, Greene said this: “Everything you’ve […]

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